Monday, February 19, 2007

'I' Wrote this blog ... So what ???

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

I know, the topic might have put u in some sort of confusion ... What does it mean ???

I just wanted to let u know from a different perspective that:
"'I' Wrote this blog" ----> means it was my 'ego' who said that
"So what" ----> means it was by the grace of waheguru ji this ego is shattered into pieces & thrown away & the same 'me' is telling u that (So What)

Ok, thats it for the topic name ... lol

I wanted to tell u abt your biggest enemy ... Yes u guessed it right ... EGO (Hau-Main), "I", "Me" ... from 2 perspectives ... 1 from a very awsome saakhi & another from gurbani.

The whole world is after 1 thing ---> Eeh mera hai, Eeh mera hai, Eeh mera hai ... (This is mine,This is mine,This is mine)

But guruji says that ---> Hey bandaya, kaadi eeh ve aakhaya hai ke sab kuch tera hai, mera te hai kuch nahi. (Hey mortal being, have u ever said that everything is urs ... its given by u)

eeh tera ditta hoya shareer hai ... Shwaas ve tere ne ... Jado tak tu chala raha hai, chal rahe ne, te jado tu chaahe, eeh chalde hoye swaasa nu sangal paake rok sakda hai. (This human body is given by u, the breath too is given by u ... i am breathing as long as u want ... and whenever you want, u can stop them)

Jiyo pind sab tisda, sab kich hai tera (The human body & everything inside it is urs.)

Mera Mujhme kuch nahi,
Jo kuch hei so tera,
Tera tujhko saupke,
Kya lage mera ???

(I dont have anything in me which I can truly call it to be 'mine'
Everything is yours,
Giving / Returning you all wht I claim to be mine,
What is left for me which I can call to be mine ??? Nothing !!!)

Fer saada te naa na hoya saara kuch (Then, hey Mortal, nothing is urs naa then ... ?)

A person who says Mera Mera (Mine, Mine) is like this:

Jab tak tha dum mein dum,
na jhuke aasma se hum,
jab maut aagai,
tab zameen ne daba liya

(When there was life in this body,
The sky was the limit for me,
When I die'd
I was burried inside the earth)

If u read & ponder over gurbani, then u will find that there is 'Mein', ('I') word in it ... But its meaning is totally different to wht we think ... That 'Mein' ('I') is not 'Ego' there, it means to give everything wht I claim to have, to guruji

****************** Saakhi teaching u abt ego.******************

Once, There was a fakeer (Typical name for a Muslim saint who always recites & ponders over his god 'Allah'). He used to always recite god's name. If he gets something to eat, then only he have his meal, else not. He wasent in need of anything ... like home, cloths, etc.

But 1 day, while jap naam, a thought came into his min ---> Hey allah, I pray to u a lot with full heart, but what have you given to me ??? I dont have any home / shelter, there is no second pair of cloths for me, I dont even know wether am I gonna get next meal OR not ... What have u given me ???

So, he went to dargah (Muslim place to worship) & started 'razoi' (We have akhand paath in sikkhism, what is ''razoi' in muslims). In the end, he put forth the same Q to allah.

A voice came: What do u want dear fakeer ???

Fakeer: Hey allah, u know very well, why have I came here. Look at me, the condition of the persons who praises you. My cloths is torn apart, have rashes all over my body, dont even have jooda (shoes / chappala / sleepers) ...
At some door, I get some food to eat, else I am left alone with hunger. Put something in my lap ... Give me something.

Same voice(Of allah): Ok, here you go.

(1 was placed in his lap / jhooli. Now dont ask what is '1' Later you all will know, what is it.)

Fakeer: Huh ??? Just '1' ??? What am i gonna do with that '1' ??? U have just '1' for me from ur treasure house ??? U give loads of riches to others & just 1 to me ???

Same voice: Go dear, this '1' is very valuable.

Fakeer: As u say allah.

So he went ...

After some time, a '0' (zero) was added after that '1'. (Means he progressed 10 times). Then after some more time, one more '0' was added making it '100'. Now as the time is passing by, the 0's (zeros) kept on adding.

A worthy thing to notice here is that the "0's" (zeros) are getting added after that '1' which allah gave to him. If that '1' was not there, then no matter how many "0's" you have, sum will always be equal to 0.

After some time, he became the richest man in the country. Now he had so much wealth, that its difficult for him to take care of the same. But, he was very happy being so rich.

One day, he was sitting & reciting ... allah ... allah ... & then suddenly he thought that I have so much wealth, now whts the use of that '1' given to me by my allah ??? That '1' was the only thing u gave me, rest all the wealth was summed up by me only ... (See here, again that 'Hau-main' / 'I' came). Why not I return the '1' to him back ??? So that i wont be said that I took allah's favour.

So he went back to that dargah & again called upon his allah ...

Allah: Fakeer what do you want now ???

Fakeer: Nothing allah. Now I havent came to ask for something, I came here to give u something. (See, a mortal human - fakeer, acting as a daata / giver in front of the greatest & only true giver of the world.)

(Just think abt this for a movement, are we in a position to give anything to our gurus ??? We were turned from scardiest animals (geedard) to brave once (lions) by our tenth master Guru Gobind Singh Ji, after he sacrificing his entire family. So, we have only taken & havent ever given anything to our gurus.)

Allah: First u came to me being a bhikari (begger) & now u r in front of me in the form of daata (Great giver) ??? What is it that you r giving to me ???

Fakeer: I came to u last time & you gave me just '1', after that, it was "ME" who gathered all the wealth myself. So I am here to return u that '1'.

Allah: (Laughing at his stupidness) Are u sure ???

Fakeer: Absolutely. I made up my mind & then came with strong will to return u ur '1'

Allah: Ok. As u wish. (And took back that '1')

Now, in the absence of that '1', it didnt took time for that so called fakeer to turn from richest man, back to the same old begger fakeer which was in the beginning. His condition was again returned to that same in the beginning.

Then he again went back to that dargah ...

Fakeer: Mere allah, please return me that '1'.

Allah: Fakeer ... GO, u wont starve of hunger coz u have taken my name, but I cannot give u back that '1' coz its taken by some other true lover.


So Sad - sangat ji, chaturai, sinaapa kich kaam na aaiyea ... (The smartness which you all show is & will never be of any use to u)

Dont be like that Fakeer ... Remove 'I' from You & replace it with 'Your'

********* Quote from Baba Bulle Shah regarding 'I' (Ego): *********

Maake gaya gal mukde nahi, phaave sau (100) sau jumma pad aaiyye,

Ganga gaya gal mukadi nahi, phaave sau - sau goote khaaiye,

Gaya gyaan gal mukadi nahi, phaave sau - sau phind phaaraiye,

Bulle shar, gal taiyo mukadi, jado "Main" nu dilo bhulliye.

(No matter how many times you visit meccka & offer hundreds & hundreds of prayers there,

No matter how many times you visit & take bath in the holy water of GANGA & have hundreds & hundreds of dips there,

No matter how many times you study & gain worldly knowledge by reading hundreds & hundreds of books.

Still, all these things are of no use,

The only thing which will save u is when u remove 'I' from Yourself. Forget 'I' / 'Me' from ur heart.)

******** Ego / Hau-Main, from gurbani's point of view **********

ha-o vich aa-i-aa ha-o vich ga-i-aa.
(In ego they come, and in ego they go.)

ha-o vich jammi-aa ha-o vich mu-aa.
(In ego they are born, and in ego they die.)

ha-o vich ditaa ha-o vich la-i-aa.
(In ego they give, and in ego they take.)

ha-o vich khati-aa ha-o vich ga-i-aa.
(In ego they earn, and in ego they lose.)

ha-o vich sachiaar koorhi-aar.
(In ego they become truthful or false.)

ha-o vich paap punn veechaar.
(In ego they reflect on virtue and sin.)

ha-o vich narak surag avtaar.
(In ego they go to heaven or hell.)

ha-o vich hasai ha-o vich rovai.
(In ego they laugh, and in ego they weep.)

ha-o vich bharee-ai ha-o vich Dhovai.
(In ego they become dirty, and in ego they are washed clean.)

ha-o vich jaatee jinsee khovai.
(In ego they lose social status and class.)

ha-o vich moorakh ha-o vich si-aanaa.
(In ego they are ignorant, and in ego they are wise.)

mokh mukat kee saar na jaanaa.
(They do not know the value of salvation and liberation.)

ha-o vich maa-i-aa ha-o vich chhaa-i-aa.
(In ego they love Maya, and in ego they are kept in darkness by it.)

ha-umai kar kar jant upaa-i-aa.
(Living in ego, mortal beings are created.)

ha-umai boojhai taa dar soojhai.
(When one understands ego, then the Lord's gate is known.)

gi-aan vihoonaa kath kath loojhai.
(Without spiritual wisdom, they babble and argue.)

naanak hukmee likee-ai laykh.
(O Nanak, by the Lord's Command, destiny is recorded.)

jayhaa vaykheh tayhaa vaykh. ||1||
(As the Lord sees us, so are we seen. ||1||)

ha-umai ayhaa jaat hai ha-umai karam kamaahi.
(This is the nature of ego, that people perform their actions in ego.)

ha-umai ay-ee banDhnaa fir fir jonee paahi.
(This is the bondage of ego, that time and time again, they are reborn.)

ha-umai kithhu oopjai kit sanjam ih jaa-ay.
(Where does ego come from? How can it be removed?)

ha-umai ayho hukam hai pa-i-ai kirat firaahi.
(This ego exists by the Lord's Order; people wander according to their past actions.)

ha-umai deeragh rog hai daaroo bhee is maahi.
(Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well.)

kirpaa karay jay aapnee taa gur kaa sabad kamaahi.
(If the Lord grants His Grace, one acts according to the Teachings of the Guru's Shabad.)

naanak kahai sunhu janhu it sanjam dukh jaahi. ||2||
(Nanak says, listen, people: in this way, troubles depart. ||2||)

Remove that 'Me' / 'I' / 'Hau-Mein' from u & come under the shelter of waheguruji.
In this world of ocean, you dont know how to swim, waheguru is the boat / ship & your only way to get saved. Dont miss this opportunity.

Bhul Chuk Maaf.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Universal Consciousness And Cosmic Energy

Reasoning mind and intuitive mind are essentially two modes of expression of the same one-mind. Rationalists deny the existence of cosmic consciousness. To them, the reasoning mind is a consequence of the complexity of neurochemical structure that constitutes the human mind. It is accepted that reason and intuition operate at two different levels; one analyses external experience and the other has inner vision. One dominates the working of conscious state while the other is active in the quiescent state of the still mind.

Since ages, eastern philosophers have said that human senses only generate the data and one gets decisive knowledge through consciousness. The physical brain is said to be the hardware that operates on the software of consciousness that gets modified through memory-based experiences and habitual patterns. Intuition is treated as illusory and unreal.

Spiritualists have always asserted that there are some preconditions to be met before a conscious mind can qualify to experience intuitive reality. Shedding of individual-centric thinking is one such requirement. This can be done only through a long practice of stilling the conscious mind. One would generally expect that unless this is done, it would be rather unfair to reject the intuitive experience as unscientific and illusionary. Equally, sages have termed sense perception as unreliable for want of completeness, be it in spectrum of input or the conditioning of mind.

The concept of supreme consciousness is considered a prespace time reality, independent of the human brain. To the spiritualists, it is the ultimate reality of cosmic creation. Scientists want verifiable proof or quantifiable measurement. The spiritualists view it as a unifying concept and an experiential reality. They find the instruments and tools of scientists unsuitable and trust only their own trained minds to provide them glimpses of spiritual reality. This lack of trust has prevented the launching of a joint effort in search of reality. However, verified knowledge of scientists and experiential wisdom of spiritualists can together enrich our lives.

The relevance of intuitive flashes in the working of the conscious mind is also not lost on some scientific thinkers. In fact, some of the breakthroughs in science are a result of these intuitive flashes. The idea is intuitive and the reasoning mind develops a mathematical structure on it.

To rise above intellect level, you need to shed ego as reason and logic are no longer relevant. The transition stage is where you disconnect with the material world and enter the intuitive one of spirit, to tune in to the universal mind. Your desires are transcended to the universal will and your actions are always right. One essentially becomes universal in outlook and personal interests lose their importance.

The intuitive life of spiritual existence is inherently different from the life of a conditioned mind of egoistic desires. Just as cosmic energy is the reality of a scientist’s rational mind, universal consciousness is the reality of a spiritualist’s intuitive mind. It is unwise to equate the two realities since they are seen at two different levels of perception.

The quest for ultimate reality has been pursued both by the reasoning mind (the scientist) and the intuitive mind (the spiritualist). This pursuit of the nature of reality is the common aim of the scientist and the spiritualist. Only in this ultimate reality, faith and reason seem to coalesce. The reality is seen as vacuous and indescribable and yet it exists.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Let peace prevail ... But Still the Q remains ... HOW ???

We talk constantly about peace—it is one of the most popular topics of discussion in the world today. Peace between nations, peace in our societies, peace in our schools, peace in our families, & the most important - peace within ourselves. Yet, this much-desired peace continues to elude us.

The obstacles and the solution are buried in this statement: "I want peace." What do we have? An ‘I’, a ‘want’ and a ‘peace’. If you remove the ‘I’ and the ‘want’, what is left? Peace. You do not have to look for peace, find peace or create peace. All you have to do is remove the ‘I’ and the ‘want’ and peace stands there in its full glory for the world to imbibe.

So, how to remove these? ‘I’ is one of the greatest obstacles to peace. ‘I’ is our ego. ‘I’ is our sense of ownership, doership and pride. This ‘I’ says, “I want to be in the centre.” Isn’t it true? We always want to be the ones getting the glory, the appreciation, the prestige. Even when we don’t do anything, still we want to be appreciated. That is our downfall.

We are so proud; this ‘I’ is so proud. It thinks, “Oh, I am so successful. I am so good.” But the truth is that we only go to work; God works. We can do nothing without His grace. As soon as we realise this,we can take our little ‘I’ and merge it in the big ‘I’, the universal ‘I’, the divine ‘I’. Then we surrender our lives and our every action to Him. Then we say, “God, let my tiny drop of water merge with your great ocean. Let me be a tool for Your will and Your work.”

It is through this selfless surrender to Him, that the pain of the ‘I’ is removed and with that all our troubles and unrest disappear. Remember, we said “I want peace”. ‘I’ and ‘want’ are the barriers of peace. If you remove them, then there is nothing left but peace. It is not the having or not having that is the issue.

The issue is the wanting, the yearning and the expecting. These external things never bring any lasting happiness. We must give more and want less. Then we will know true joy and peace. This is why "SEVA" (or selfless service) is given prime importance in sikkhism. Ppl normally dont understand its important & then suffers later.

Do seva, be part of the unique & distinct "Akal Purakh Ke Fauz". Like I always say, "Forget trying to educate ppl about who we are, I am done with that job ... I am serving ppl with who we are ... coz thats the way they they should know us, that waheguru would have liked it"

Dare to join me in serving others.

Bhul Chuk Maaf

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day, falling in love ... With some one very special.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

So finally, valentine day is here. So whts new here ??? Nothing at all !!! Same old lovers & their same old ways of proposing & seducing their opposite sex.

Guess wht, even I am in love. So whts new in my case ... huh ??? 'Many things' I would say; coz I fell in love with no girl as such, i fell in love with the 1 who is already valentine of many, who is forever giving without expecting even a grain in return, who loves all equally, who brought me in this world, who ... who ... Many who's to answer (If I try to say all, which 1 nor can any 1, this blog aint gonna get over ... lol).

Yes, u r right. I fell in love with my waheguru ji. :D

Guru Nanak Dev ji was in the same love, Guru Gobind ji was in the same love, so am I. (Although I admit that I don't feel the same as they did ... coz I am still a disciple, a student, still learning ... )

Whts new u ask ... I'll tell u the difference compared to normal worldly love.

Love is the most sought after, but least expressed mysteries of life. We try to express love in so many ways, still it is rarely expressed in its fullness. You find the most complete expression of love in Lord. Lord (My Waheguru ji) and love are synonymous.

Whatever little glimpses of love you get in Lord indicates that fullness, that ultimate expression of the inexpressible life that is always striving to express. Lord is the embodiment of love. Love has neither name nor form, but manifests in all names and in all forms.

Every form is full of love and every name represents love. That is how Waheguru is ‘One with the Father’ (Here the father is the almighty lord ... EK-ONG-KAAR) The Father is One with His Creation. The Creator, if He is different from the Creation, then He is not present in His Creation. Then He is not Omnipresent.

This is also said by my beloved sister 'Ek Ong Kaar Kaur ji' who recently wrote a lovely article on 'Mool Mantra' giving its full meanings from deep within which no 1 could have (I guess). U can get the article here. (Its completely written by her, I just did the font decoration ... lol)

One Divine is taking care of everybody. Look at our lives. How much importance we give to the mundane? Divinity occupies the last place in our priority list. That’s why we miss the total expression. The knowledge of your Self, leads you towards that total expression of love.

Love goes with courage and look at the courage of Guruji. It completely overthrows the common concept that says the strong will inherit the earth. He says the meek shall inherit the earth, the heaven. This is because love makes you meek. However strong you are, when you are in love you are the weakest. Yet love is the strongest force on this universe. It makes you weak, but it also brings you the kingdom of heaven.

Lord says, “Love each other as much as I love you.” He had made all efforts for one to cross the mind and get into the soul, the spirit, the Self. You break through the limited, relating yourself with something or somebody, or identities, and recognize your Divinity within you. That you are much more than just a human, you are part of the Divine. And then you inherit the Kingdom that is right here, right within you.

Love is as eternal as God. In fact God and love are two names for one energy. And energy is always a process — dynamic, moving, river-like. It is not a thing. You cannot demark it. You cannot draw circles around it. You cannot define it. It remains indefinable. It remains elusive. It is like mercury — the more you try to catch hold of it, the more difficult it becomes to catch hold of it. So you can learn how to be always in process; how to always remain growing. There should never come a moment when you think, ‘Now I am a grown-up.’ One can grow to the very last moment of life — even beyond that. Even in death one can grow. People who stop somewhere in life and think that now they have grown enough — they are dead. Then they live a posthumous life.
They don’t really live. And this happens in all the dimensions of life.

A real man of knowing never comes to a point where he can say, ‘I know’. It never becomes knowledge; it always remains knowing. It always remains learning. He goes on learning and learning and learning and he never accumulates; he is always like a clean slate. Time writes many things on it, but he goes on washing it, and again it becomes clean so that more can be written on it.

So learning will always remain a process. Whether it is love or it is knowledge or it is anything else, always
remember that life should not be confined and one should never de-mark. And any time that you come to a limit, you have to take a jump. You have to go beyond it. All limits have to be broken. No limit has to be accepted. Once you accept the limit, you are dead. So never accept any limitation on your being and you will be growing and growing. That unlimited process is what God is all about.

But still the main Q remains ... Why to celebrate this day just once a year. Fall in love with my valentine, then for u every day will be a valentine day, every minute will be a valentine minute, every second will be a valentine second.

All Love in the divine.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

Friday, February 9, 2007

What is amrit ...

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

Ok, this article came out of no where & wasn't expected by me at all to write the same ... It was my dearest of dear companion which after my giving her 1 article on "Why to take amrit", after appreciating the same, asked me a Q ----> "What is amrit". I was sure she either wanted to test me on this 1 OR wanted to know my experience / knowledge abt the same. I was glad to reply her the same & thought this can be 1 more gud topic for my blog.

This is the root to this small article ... Not perfect, but tried my best .... :)

Ok, without wasting much time, here is my reply to her ----->

This is kinda tricky Q, coz its a direct straight forward 1. Well, ask 100 different ppl & chances are quite high that u will get more than 50 % same answers.

However, I'll try to tell u whatever I know ...

1) A drink which is supposed to make a person immortal (Hindu mythology) .... But whts the use of it ??? If a person is immortal, some time or the other his ego is gonna take over him & ... well may be not physically but mentally kill him / her. After some time, he will be asking for his death only frm god (Coz now he / she is fed up of his / her life.)

Well, first of all, "JAMAN MARNA HUKAM HAI BHANAI AAVAI JAA-AY" (Birth & death are subject to the command of the lord's will, through his will we come & go). So if he wanted us to go / leave / die, no amrit is gonna help us in any way.

Second, "Jee-O PIND SAB TIS DAA DAY KHAAJAI AAKH GAVAA-EE-AI" (Soul & body belongs to him; asking for sustenance is a waste.) So if u wanna waste ur life, go & ask fur such amrit ...

2) In Gurbani the term is used as a synonym for Naam, God’s virtues. (This is quite true, & I have tried to explain the same after the 3rd point)

3) In the Khalsa Rahit it refers to the sanctified water first prepared by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 for Panj Pyaras by reciting specified Gurbani hymns while stirring the water with a khanda, double-edged sword. (Now it is prepared for initiating members to the Khalsa Panth.)

Well, these are some definitions that any 1 & almost every 1 will understand ...

Before taking amrit (being bapatised), for me the above answers sufficed to satisfy me. But due to my beloved guruji's grace, I experienced something much more ... Something which I even after trying my level best & using all the knowledge frm me, frm others abt some words which will help me tell u ppl wht I feel, aint gonna help. Coz its beyond words. Still, I will say something ...

Like I said before, its beyond words & only the 1 experiencing the same can understand him / her. There arises a strong feeling of love for all, & the bonds with the world breaks. U'll feel like others helping / asking / working with u are just troubling u but breaking a link between u & guruji (when u are madly engaged in mediation / jap naam, doing / listening to kirtan, etc,etc ...)

There is
no hatred, no fear, no greed, no demands, no lust, no worldly love, no worldly needs, no nothing (Unwanted) within U. Just love for lord ... & imbued in that love, u then feel god is OMNIPRESENT. (Normally, we just say this without knowing the exact meaning). U start seeing god in each & every sole .... Not just humans or even living beings, when i mean ALL, i really mean ALL. (Including even the non-living things).

Then u form a permanent connection with lord, nothing can break it. But priceless things are not attained easily, same is the case here ... U have to really, really fall in love with lord to such an extent that if u forget him even for a second, u will regret the same.

This is wht I will call - The body is imbued with amrit. Infact, whole body is now amrit. Pure than 24 carat gold. The real meaning. The true meaning ..."

Bhul chuk maaf.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Trying to solve age old Q of HOW ???

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

I was waiting a longgggg to write this article ... finally its here .... lol :)

OK, just imagine u r doing ur Paath / Kirtan / Jap Naam ...

Ek Ong kaar
Karta purakh
Akaal Moorat
Gur Prasad

Aad sach
Jugad Sach
Hai Bhi Saach
Nanak Hosi bhi saach |1|

Sooche sooch na hovae je sooche lakh vaar
Chuppey chup na hovey je lahe raha livtaar
Pukhiyaa pukh na uttari je banna puriya paar ...... & so on .... then suddenly ur mind diverts to other things like ...

Kaal meinu bahut phuk laggi se, (Yesterday I was very hungry ...) coz of the word 'phukiya pukh na utari'
Fher mein ek burger khaaya (then i ate a burger)
Paise khaat pe gaye se (I wasent having enough money)
Birlas Ambinis kol kinna paise he ga va (Birla's & Ambanis have lots of money)
Mein ve pahut paisa kamunga (I'll also earn a lot of money)
Fer mere kol cars, bunglows hoyenge (then I'll have lots of cars & bunglows) .... & so on ... lol I know its funny to read, but I am sure many have experienced the same ...

Ur thinking makes u wild / crazy until u remember that u r in the 5th pauri of the paath. Wow, what a loss. :(

Many so called sajes, saints, saadhus & other baba's gives lots of tips & tricks on how to restrict ur mind frm diverting. Believe me, statistically there are more than 95 % of the total population with this problem. But still the big Question remains of ----> "HOW TO ACHIEVE SALVATION & PREVENT OUR MIND FROM DIVERTING ???"

The main cause is our attachment to maya (worldly things like money, girls / boys, cars, etc.)

Once u control ur mind, U'v controlled the whole world. Then no matter wht, u r as solid as rock.

But i know its very difficult to achieve the same.

Like its there in gurbani ...

Gur bin gyaan na hoye (Without the true guru, u wont get any knowledge)
gi-aan na galee-ee dhoodhee-ai kathnaa karrhaa saar.
(Wisdom cannot be found through mere words. To explain it is as hard as iron.)
karam milai taa paa-ee-ai hor hikmat hukam khu-aar. ||2||
(When the Lord bestows His Grace, then alone it is received; other tricks and orders are useless)

So, if waheguru ji wanted to, then only can u achieve that state.

But it dosent mean that u should wait for him to act. God helps those who helps themselves. If u take 1 step towards guruji, he will take 1000 steps towards u.

Here is a small help frm guru ka daas to avoid this situation. I'm listing top 3 things, starting from the least priority ...

3) Do yoga / mediation so that u can focus easily on 1 point.
Advantage : Helps a lot if u follow completely
Disadvantage : # U might be more stressed than before yoga / mediation.
# You might have to be away from ur home to do the same like some classes of some baba ... lol
# Takes time to master

2) When u know the meanings of the paath / kirtan, the mind automatically stops diverting & concentrate on the same. Coz when meanings are knows, the mind will think & ponder upon that only.

Advantage : Is truly working (Atleast in my case) coz then only you can understand & can think & ponder upon the divine knowledge. Else without that understanding & attraction towards the baani, reciting it would not make much difference.

Disadvantage : U need to spend time before hand to learn the meanings of the same. Also 1 gud idea is that u listen to the shabad / paath / kirtan, & read the same meanings concurrently on the PC or on hard copies. (I prefer hard copy since i can take it with me anywhere i go). You will get almost all the baanis here which are with english translations.

3) (This 1 is out of my personal experience ... )
Whenever u start reading / reciting ur baanis / kirtan, think that the breath u r taking at the movement is the last breath of ur life. After this breath, I am gonna die .... When this feeling comes to ur mind, then automatically mind is controlled.

What ??? Scared of death ??? My dear, death is the ONLY TRUTH in once life. Coz after death only can u achieve salvation & can get rid of the 84 lakh joons (If u have done really wht waheguruji wanted u to do).

nadar karahi jay aapnee taa nadree satgur paa-i-aa.
(If the Merciful Lord shows His Mercy, then the True Guru is found. )

ayhu jee-o bahutay janam bharammi-aa taa satgur sabad sunaa-i-aa.
(This soul wandered through countless incarnations, until the True Guru instructed it in the Word of the Shabad.)

satgur jayvad daataa ko nahee sabh suni-ahu lok sabaa-i-aa.
(There is no giver as great as the True Guru; hear this, all you people)

satgur mili-ai sach paa-i-aa jinHee vichahu aap gavaa-i-aa.
(Meeting the True Guru, the True Lord is found; He removes self-conceit from within)

jin sacho sach bujhaa-i-aa. ||4||
(and instructs us in the Truth of Truths. ||4|| )

Remember this small thing in ur mind, & enjoy under the divine light of waheguru ji.

Thats it from my side.

PS. If any suggestions, additions, errors in this article is found, please don't hesitate to take the pain of stating the same in comments.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.