Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day, falling in love ... With some one very special.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

So finally, valentine day is here. So whts new here ??? Nothing at all !!! Same old lovers & their same old ways of proposing & seducing their opposite sex.

Guess wht, even I am in love. So whts new in my case ... huh ??? 'Many things' I would say; coz I fell in love with no girl as such, i fell in love with the 1 who is already valentine of many, who is forever giving without expecting even a grain in return, who loves all equally, who brought me in this world, who ... who ... Many who's to answer (If I try to say all, which 1 nor can any 1, this blog aint gonna get over ... lol).

Yes, u r right. I fell in love with my waheguru ji. :D

Guru Nanak Dev ji was in the same love, Guru Gobind ji was in the same love, so am I. (Although I admit that I don't feel the same as they did ... coz I am still a disciple, a student, still learning ... )

Whts new u ask ... I'll tell u the difference compared to normal worldly love.

Love is the most sought after, but least expressed mysteries of life. We try to express love in so many ways, still it is rarely expressed in its fullness. You find the most complete expression of love in Lord. Lord (My Waheguru ji) and love are synonymous.

Whatever little glimpses of love you get in Lord indicates that fullness, that ultimate expression of the inexpressible life that is always striving to express. Lord is the embodiment of love. Love has neither name nor form, but manifests in all names and in all forms.

Every form is full of love and every name represents love. That is how Waheguru is ‘One with the Father’ (Here the father is the almighty lord ... EK-ONG-KAAR) The Father is One with His Creation. The Creator, if He is different from the Creation, then He is not present in His Creation. Then He is not Omnipresent.

This is also said by my beloved sister 'Ek Ong Kaar Kaur ji' who recently wrote a lovely article on 'Mool Mantra' giving its full meanings from deep within which no 1 could have (I guess). U can get the article here. (Its completely written by her, I just did the font decoration ... lol)

One Divine is taking care of everybody. Look at our lives. How much importance we give to the mundane? Divinity occupies the last place in our priority list. That’s why we miss the total expression. The knowledge of your Self, leads you towards that total expression of love.

Love goes with courage and look at the courage of Guruji. It completely overthrows the common concept that says the strong will inherit the earth. He says the meek shall inherit the earth, the heaven. This is because love makes you meek. However strong you are, when you are in love you are the weakest. Yet love is the strongest force on this universe. It makes you weak, but it also brings you the kingdom of heaven.

Lord says, “Love each other as much as I love you.” He had made all efforts for one to cross the mind and get into the soul, the spirit, the Self. You break through the limited, relating yourself with something or somebody, or identities, and recognize your Divinity within you. That you are much more than just a human, you are part of the Divine. And then you inherit the Kingdom that is right here, right within you.

Love is as eternal as God. In fact God and love are two names for one energy. And energy is always a process — dynamic, moving, river-like. It is not a thing. You cannot demark it. You cannot draw circles around it. You cannot define it. It remains indefinable. It remains elusive. It is like mercury — the more you try to catch hold of it, the more difficult it becomes to catch hold of it. So you can learn how to be always in process; how to always remain growing. There should never come a moment when you think, ‘Now I am a grown-up.’ One can grow to the very last moment of life — even beyond that. Even in death one can grow. People who stop somewhere in life and think that now they have grown enough — they are dead. Then they live a posthumous life.
They don’t really live. And this happens in all the dimensions of life.

A real man of knowing never comes to a point where he can say, ‘I know’. It never becomes knowledge; it always remains knowing. It always remains learning. He goes on learning and learning and learning and he never accumulates; he is always like a clean slate. Time writes many things on it, but he goes on washing it, and again it becomes clean so that more can be written on it.

So learning will always remain a process. Whether it is love or it is knowledge or it is anything else, always
remember that life should not be confined and one should never de-mark. And any time that you come to a limit, you have to take a jump. You have to go beyond it. All limits have to be broken. No limit has to be accepted. Once you accept the limit, you are dead. So never accept any limitation on your being and you will be growing and growing. That unlimited process is what God is all about.

But still the main Q remains ... Why to celebrate this day just once a year. Fall in love with my valentine, then for u every day will be a valentine day, every minute will be a valentine minute, every second will be a valentine second.

All Love in the divine.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.


rkaur said...


Nice post veerji....


Sanjeet Singh, Pune said...

Very well written. It shows that you are really in
love with your true Khasam, Wahe Guru. Keep blessing us with such bful articles.Wahe Guru Jee Ka Khalsa; Wahe Guru Jee Ki Fateh...

Ek Ong Kaur Khalsa said...

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

Dear Daljit Singh ji,

Very nice post.

Many blessings

Jasmeet said...

Great Idea veere...