Monday, February 19, 2007

'I' Wrote this blog ... So what ???

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

I know, the topic might have put u in some sort of confusion ... What does it mean ???

I just wanted to let u know from a different perspective that:
"'I' Wrote this blog" ----> means it was my 'ego' who said that
"So what" ----> means it was by the grace of waheguru ji this ego is shattered into pieces & thrown away & the same 'me' is telling u that (So What)

Ok, thats it for the topic name ... lol

I wanted to tell u abt your biggest enemy ... Yes u guessed it right ... EGO (Hau-Main), "I", "Me" ... from 2 perspectives ... 1 from a very awsome saakhi & another from gurbani.

The whole world is after 1 thing ---> Eeh mera hai, Eeh mera hai, Eeh mera hai ... (This is mine,This is mine,This is mine)

But guruji says that ---> Hey bandaya, kaadi eeh ve aakhaya hai ke sab kuch tera hai, mera te hai kuch nahi. (Hey mortal being, have u ever said that everything is urs ... its given by u)

eeh tera ditta hoya shareer hai ... Shwaas ve tere ne ... Jado tak tu chala raha hai, chal rahe ne, te jado tu chaahe, eeh chalde hoye swaasa nu sangal paake rok sakda hai. (This human body is given by u, the breath too is given by u ... i am breathing as long as u want ... and whenever you want, u can stop them)

Jiyo pind sab tisda, sab kich hai tera (The human body & everything inside it is urs.)

Mera Mujhme kuch nahi,
Jo kuch hei so tera,
Tera tujhko saupke,
Kya lage mera ???

(I dont have anything in me which I can truly call it to be 'mine'
Everything is yours,
Giving / Returning you all wht I claim to be mine,
What is left for me which I can call to be mine ??? Nothing !!!)

Fer saada te naa na hoya saara kuch (Then, hey Mortal, nothing is urs naa then ... ?)

A person who says Mera Mera (Mine, Mine) is like this:

Jab tak tha dum mein dum,
na jhuke aasma se hum,
jab maut aagai,
tab zameen ne daba liya

(When there was life in this body,
The sky was the limit for me,
When I die'd
I was burried inside the earth)

If u read & ponder over gurbani, then u will find that there is 'Mein', ('I') word in it ... But its meaning is totally different to wht we think ... That 'Mein' ('I') is not 'Ego' there, it means to give everything wht I claim to have, to guruji

****************** Saakhi teaching u abt ego.******************

Once, There was a fakeer (Typical name for a Muslim saint who always recites & ponders over his god 'Allah'). He used to always recite god's name. If he gets something to eat, then only he have his meal, else not. He wasent in need of anything ... like home, cloths, etc.

But 1 day, while jap naam, a thought came into his min ---> Hey allah, I pray to u a lot with full heart, but what have you given to me ??? I dont have any home / shelter, there is no second pair of cloths for me, I dont even know wether am I gonna get next meal OR not ... What have u given me ???

So, he went to dargah (Muslim place to worship) & started 'razoi' (We have akhand paath in sikkhism, what is ''razoi' in muslims). In the end, he put forth the same Q to allah.

A voice came: What do u want dear fakeer ???

Fakeer: Hey allah, u know very well, why have I came here. Look at me, the condition of the persons who praises you. My cloths is torn apart, have rashes all over my body, dont even have jooda (shoes / chappala / sleepers) ...
At some door, I get some food to eat, else I am left alone with hunger. Put something in my lap ... Give me something.

Same voice(Of allah): Ok, here you go.

(1 was placed in his lap / jhooli. Now dont ask what is '1' Later you all will know, what is it.)

Fakeer: Huh ??? Just '1' ??? What am i gonna do with that '1' ??? U have just '1' for me from ur treasure house ??? U give loads of riches to others & just 1 to me ???

Same voice: Go dear, this '1' is very valuable.

Fakeer: As u say allah.

So he went ...

After some time, a '0' (zero) was added after that '1'. (Means he progressed 10 times). Then after some more time, one more '0' was added making it '100'. Now as the time is passing by, the 0's (zeros) kept on adding.

A worthy thing to notice here is that the "0's" (zeros) are getting added after that '1' which allah gave to him. If that '1' was not there, then no matter how many "0's" you have, sum will always be equal to 0.

After some time, he became the richest man in the country. Now he had so much wealth, that its difficult for him to take care of the same. But, he was very happy being so rich.

One day, he was sitting & reciting ... allah ... allah ... & then suddenly he thought that I have so much wealth, now whts the use of that '1' given to me by my allah ??? That '1' was the only thing u gave me, rest all the wealth was summed up by me only ... (See here, again that 'Hau-main' / 'I' came). Why not I return the '1' to him back ??? So that i wont be said that I took allah's favour.

So he went back to that dargah & again called upon his allah ...

Allah: Fakeer what do you want now ???

Fakeer: Nothing allah. Now I havent came to ask for something, I came here to give u something. (See, a mortal human - fakeer, acting as a daata / giver in front of the greatest & only true giver of the world.)

(Just think abt this for a movement, are we in a position to give anything to our gurus ??? We were turned from scardiest animals (geedard) to brave once (lions) by our tenth master Guru Gobind Singh Ji, after he sacrificing his entire family. So, we have only taken & havent ever given anything to our gurus.)

Allah: First u came to me being a bhikari (begger) & now u r in front of me in the form of daata (Great giver) ??? What is it that you r giving to me ???

Fakeer: I came to u last time & you gave me just '1', after that, it was "ME" who gathered all the wealth myself. So I am here to return u that '1'.

Allah: (Laughing at his stupidness) Are u sure ???

Fakeer: Absolutely. I made up my mind & then came with strong will to return u ur '1'

Allah: Ok. As u wish. (And took back that '1')

Now, in the absence of that '1', it didnt took time for that so called fakeer to turn from richest man, back to the same old begger fakeer which was in the beginning. His condition was again returned to that same in the beginning.

Then he again went back to that dargah ...

Fakeer: Mere allah, please return me that '1'.

Allah: Fakeer ... GO, u wont starve of hunger coz u have taken my name, but I cannot give u back that '1' coz its taken by some other true lover.


So Sad - sangat ji, chaturai, sinaapa kich kaam na aaiyea ... (The smartness which you all show is & will never be of any use to u)

Dont be like that Fakeer ... Remove 'I' from You & replace it with 'Your'

********* Quote from Baba Bulle Shah regarding 'I' (Ego): *********

Maake gaya gal mukde nahi, phaave sau (100) sau jumma pad aaiyye,

Ganga gaya gal mukadi nahi, phaave sau - sau goote khaaiye,

Gaya gyaan gal mukadi nahi, phaave sau - sau phind phaaraiye,

Bulle shar, gal taiyo mukadi, jado "Main" nu dilo bhulliye.

(No matter how many times you visit meccka & offer hundreds & hundreds of prayers there,

No matter how many times you visit & take bath in the holy water of GANGA & have hundreds & hundreds of dips there,

No matter how many times you study & gain worldly knowledge by reading hundreds & hundreds of books.

Still, all these things are of no use,

The only thing which will save u is when u remove 'I' from Yourself. Forget 'I' / 'Me' from ur heart.)

******** Ego / Hau-Main, from gurbani's point of view **********

ha-o vich aa-i-aa ha-o vich ga-i-aa.
(In ego they come, and in ego they go.)

ha-o vich jammi-aa ha-o vich mu-aa.
(In ego they are born, and in ego they die.)

ha-o vich ditaa ha-o vich la-i-aa.
(In ego they give, and in ego they take.)

ha-o vich khati-aa ha-o vich ga-i-aa.
(In ego they earn, and in ego they lose.)

ha-o vich sachiaar koorhi-aar.
(In ego they become truthful or false.)

ha-o vich paap punn veechaar.
(In ego they reflect on virtue and sin.)

ha-o vich narak surag avtaar.
(In ego they go to heaven or hell.)

ha-o vich hasai ha-o vich rovai.
(In ego they laugh, and in ego they weep.)

ha-o vich bharee-ai ha-o vich Dhovai.
(In ego they become dirty, and in ego they are washed clean.)

ha-o vich jaatee jinsee khovai.
(In ego they lose social status and class.)

ha-o vich moorakh ha-o vich si-aanaa.
(In ego they are ignorant, and in ego they are wise.)

mokh mukat kee saar na jaanaa.
(They do not know the value of salvation and liberation.)

ha-o vich maa-i-aa ha-o vich chhaa-i-aa.
(In ego they love Maya, and in ego they are kept in darkness by it.)

ha-umai kar kar jant upaa-i-aa.
(Living in ego, mortal beings are created.)

ha-umai boojhai taa dar soojhai.
(When one understands ego, then the Lord's gate is known.)

gi-aan vihoonaa kath kath loojhai.
(Without spiritual wisdom, they babble and argue.)

naanak hukmee likee-ai laykh.
(O Nanak, by the Lord's Command, destiny is recorded.)

jayhaa vaykheh tayhaa vaykh. ||1||
(As the Lord sees us, so are we seen. ||1||)

ha-umai ayhaa jaat hai ha-umai karam kamaahi.
(This is the nature of ego, that people perform their actions in ego.)

ha-umai ay-ee banDhnaa fir fir jonee paahi.
(This is the bondage of ego, that time and time again, they are reborn.)

ha-umai kithhu oopjai kit sanjam ih jaa-ay.
(Where does ego come from? How can it be removed?)

ha-umai ayho hukam hai pa-i-ai kirat firaahi.
(This ego exists by the Lord's Order; people wander according to their past actions.)

ha-umai deeragh rog hai daaroo bhee is maahi.
(Ego is a chronic disease, but it contains its own cure as well.)

kirpaa karay jay aapnee taa gur kaa sabad kamaahi.
(If the Lord grants His Grace, one acts according to the Teachings of the Guru's Shabad.)

naanak kahai sunhu janhu it sanjam dukh jaahi. ||2||
(Nanak says, listen, people: in this way, troubles depart. ||2||)

Remove that 'Me' / 'I' / 'Hau-Mein' from u & come under the shelter of waheguruji.
In this world of ocean, you dont know how to swim, waheguru is the boat / ship & your only way to get saved. Dont miss this opportunity.

Bhul Chuk Maaf.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.


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