Friday, February 9, 2007

What is amrit ...

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

Ok, this article came out of no where & wasn't expected by me at all to write the same ... It was my dearest of dear companion which after my giving her 1 article on "Why to take amrit", after appreciating the same, asked me a Q ----> "What is amrit". I was sure she either wanted to test me on this 1 OR wanted to know my experience / knowledge abt the same. I was glad to reply her the same & thought this can be 1 more gud topic for my blog.

This is the root to this small article ... Not perfect, but tried my best .... :)

Ok, without wasting much time, here is my reply to her ----->

This is kinda tricky Q, coz its a direct straight forward 1. Well, ask 100 different ppl & chances are quite high that u will get more than 50 % same answers.

However, I'll try to tell u whatever I know ...

1) A drink which is supposed to make a person immortal (Hindu mythology) .... But whts the use of it ??? If a person is immortal, some time or the other his ego is gonna take over him & ... well may be not physically but mentally kill him / her. After some time, he will be asking for his death only frm god (Coz now he / she is fed up of his / her life.)

Well, first of all, "JAMAN MARNA HUKAM HAI BHANAI AAVAI JAA-AY" (Birth & death are subject to the command of the lord's will, through his will we come & go). So if he wanted us to go / leave / die, no amrit is gonna help us in any way.

Second, "Jee-O PIND SAB TIS DAA DAY KHAAJAI AAKH GAVAA-EE-AI" (Soul & body belongs to him; asking for sustenance is a waste.) So if u wanna waste ur life, go & ask fur such amrit ...

2) In Gurbani the term is used as a synonym for Naam, God’s virtues. (This is quite true, & I have tried to explain the same after the 3rd point)

3) In the Khalsa Rahit it refers to the sanctified water first prepared by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699 for Panj Pyaras by reciting specified Gurbani hymns while stirring the water with a khanda, double-edged sword. (Now it is prepared for initiating members to the Khalsa Panth.)

Well, these are some definitions that any 1 & almost every 1 will understand ...

Before taking amrit (being bapatised), for me the above answers sufficed to satisfy me. But due to my beloved guruji's grace, I experienced something much more ... Something which I even after trying my level best & using all the knowledge frm me, frm others abt some words which will help me tell u ppl wht I feel, aint gonna help. Coz its beyond words. Still, I will say something ...

Like I said before, its beyond words & only the 1 experiencing the same can understand him / her. There arises a strong feeling of love for all, & the bonds with the world breaks. U'll feel like others helping / asking / working with u are just troubling u but breaking a link between u & guruji (when u are madly engaged in mediation / jap naam, doing / listening to kirtan, etc,etc ...)

There is
no hatred, no fear, no greed, no demands, no lust, no worldly love, no worldly needs, no nothing (Unwanted) within U. Just love for lord ... & imbued in that love, u then feel god is OMNIPRESENT. (Normally, we just say this without knowing the exact meaning). U start seeing god in each & every sole .... Not just humans or even living beings, when i mean ALL, i really mean ALL. (Including even the non-living things).

Then u form a permanent connection with lord, nothing can break it. But priceless things are not attained easily, same is the case here ... U have to really, really fall in love with lord to such an extent that if u forget him even for a second, u will regret the same.

This is wht I will call - The body is imbued with amrit. Infact, whole body is now amrit. Pure than 24 carat gold. The real meaning. The true meaning ..."

Bhul chuk maaf.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

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Anonymous said...

that was beautiful the last paragraphs u wrote were extemely wonderful and nice to read it was like sharing the strog love u have 4 god