Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Introduction !!!

Who am I?

Technically speaking, relating to the worldly affairs, "Hello, I am daljit. 21 yrs old sikh boy, About to complete my IT Graduation, loves to explore in my field, love choclete & icecream, etc ..." So whats there in that? All of you know, this aint gonna be forever ... Its just temperory !!!

Truly speaking, I consider my self as "GURU KA DAAS", highly obliged, happy & blessed by the grace of waheguru ji to provide me with the opportunity of doing this kind of seva.

This wasnet me around 2 - 3 months ago, until I took amrit. Before that, I was wasting my live - Running & striving for useless things, which may have been of some use (only for this small life of mine) Me & my soul was in a jepordy, wandering here & there aimlessesly, until I was rescued by my Waheguru (or Shabad Guru) & No matter what I do, I cannot thank even an iota for this priceless gift I received.

After taking amrit, my life changed completly. My Vision & Mission 'WAS' & 'STILL IS' crystal clear to me ... The true truth of life is laid in front of me, by my beloved lord & the dark black cloth of ignorence is shed; its torn apart. I can truly experience the 5 evils (Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh & Ahankar - LUST, ANGER, Greed, emotional attachment and egotism) getting vanished from my life. Now I gain pleasure by doing seva.

Simply stating about me : "I am the Lord's minstrel, of low social status; others call themselves high caste & I seek those who meditate on You."

Why another Japji translation?

How many people, who recite the JAPJI, know & follow its true meaning? Often in the rhythm of lines,people mechanically repeat it, as if it were a charm or mantra. Because of the depth of thought &compactness of expression, it is beyond the comprehension of an ordinary man. In spite of the use of verysimple words, the JAPJI remains the most difficult composition, especially so, because of the economy ofwords used.

There has been a disregard for the meaning & the spirit of the text, which became more & more obscure, notbecause it was originally so, but because it has been neglected so long to read consciously.

As per my knowledge, there around 100’s of translations on JAPJI, & there is a good deal of difference among them due to the understanding & study from various scholars who translated them. I am sorry to say that at times, some of these translators have adopted an un-SIKH interpretation of the hymns / Pauris /stanzas of JAPJI, which is not true to the teachings of Guru Nanak. The pattern usually followed is to translate & comment on the JAPJI, stanza by stanza. In this old traditional process of translations, the reader surely comes to know the meanings of individual stanzas BUT IS LEFT HIGH & DRY ABOUT THE OVERALL THEME OF JAPJI.

So, this course is mainly designed to fill that gap, & make everyone experience the overall theme of JAPJI.

Apart from this, the unique thing in this course is that it’s open to the people of all castes. Not restricted to only Sikhs OR Punjabis. I am taking each & every thing into account to make this uniqueness come true.”

(It also includes a detailed elaboration on the MUL-MANTRA after which you will surely feel & experience the true
essence of JAPJI.)

What inspired me do this seva?

Like its said, "Every million mile journey starts with a single step". Same was the case with me. Way long back, I got a hold of an mp3 file - "JAPJI SAHEB WITH FULL ENGLIGH TRANSLATION". This was the starting point in my spiritual journey. The first step. Tears was literally flowing from my eyes the first time. (After all, its the first time I came face-to-face with the truth) Since then, I feel in love with this gurbani (Japji Saheb Ji).

Guru Maharaj did kripa on me by admitting me in his class, & provided me with AMRIT DE DAAT on 31 Dec 2006. Since then, as I mentioned before, my life changed. I was initially enjoying my new life, then started gaining the pleasure of helping others & not am starting with the huge seva (huge ... atleast for me) with this course.

So, its not like I was inspired to do this seva, I would say, am blessed by Guru Maharaj ji, do conduct the same.

Any hesitation in this seva & how it overcame?

Ofcourse, hesitation was very much obvious. Why ??? Simple, as u know, it havent been even 3 months since I took was blessed with the priceless gift of amrit. So some where in my mind, this fact crippeled & turned into a hesitation that - IS IT TOO SOON FOR TAKING SUCH AN INITIATIVE & RESPONSIBILITY.

And sure, this was overcame by the grace of waheguruji.

Once it so happened that, there was no lecture on one of the friday's in college. So, I got a chance again to go to the GURUDWARA. (Just to make you aware, I am very lucky to have GURUDWARA in my college). Completed My Aasa-De-Vaar. Then started with shabad / kirtan ... (it was - chim chim varsey, amrit thaara). Getting into the tune of that shabad, I experienced something beyond words. The 27th pauri (Stanza) of Japji states that :

The wind, water and fire, the Righteous Judge of Dharma,Chitr and Gupt,Shiva, Brahma and the Goddess of Beauty, Indra, Siddhas, The Pandits, the religious scholars who recite the Vedas, The celestial jewels, The brave and mighty warriors, The planets, solar systems and galaxies are all singing the praises of u, Oh lord.

I experienced the same ... ANHAAD NAAD ... but for just 10 - 15 secs. I felt as if guruji himself is telling me : "Go on beta, dont worry, give ur full strength & start this seva".

Since then, All my fears & hesitations regarding this course dissappeared & all the studies & everything related to the understanding of JAPJI became so clear !!!

So, I can rightly say that Guruji is with me, what should I fear now ???

What are the Sources & Authenticity of this whole course?

To make all the claims in this course stand up to any challenge against it & its authencity, I underwent a deep study of the same. Many books, old scriptures, Internet (Very less), And the most important - My Personal Experiences With the JAPJI.

Still, I am a human, bound to make mistakes & I welcome any kind of such mistakes OR some claims which is made in the overall course.

There is a quick comment on the top left of the site. Please post the same over there.

Any future plans, after the completion of this course?

Ofcourse, YES !!! Thinking of starting with either of the following:


The course of time & the success of this course will tell the rest.

PS. Any more Questions / doubts from any one ??? You are always welcome


Anonymous said...

What is the cost of this course ???

dj-Khalsa said...

Hahahaha ... Nothing My dear anonymous friend ... "Guru's Seva is never worthy of money."

Its free, just enjoy the same.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh ji

Anonymous said...

vahegooroo jee kaa khalsaa, vahegooroo jee kee fateh jio!!
daas would like to say that the style in which you have told your story is simply inspirational in itself, i look forward to reading the next pos
vahegooroo jee kaa khalsaa,
vahegooroo jee kee fateh!!