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Why do we go to Gurudwara ??? (Sakhi 1)

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waherguru ji ke fateh.

Japji Saheb ... Pauri 19 ... Line 7

akhraa sir sanjog vakhaan.
(From the Word, comes destiny, written on one’s forehead.)

jin ayhi likhay tis sir naahi.
(But the One who wrote these Words of Destiny-no words are written on His Forehead.)

It simply means that each 1 of us has a predefined destiny written on our forehead by the Ultimate primal & pure GOD. Whatever happens in our lifes, is the result of this predefined destiny ...

Now lets think deeply about this true fact ... If we have predefined destiny then why do we take the pain to do the things ??? Why do we do Good / Bad deeds ??? Why do we go to gurudwara & ask for God various things & pray ??? There is no use since there is predefined destiny written on our forehead ... Jo likhiya hai, ooh hoke he rehana hai ...

Here is why ...

At Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji's time, there was a Raja (King) in the name of "Harisan". History says that he used to visit Guruji on a regular basis.

One day when Guru ji da darbar saajaya hoya si ... Raja Harisan came there & started meditating upon the shabad which was in progress at that time (means the shabad which was going on).

Lekh na metey he saachey ... jo lekhiya kartar.
(Whatever is written by the AkalPurakh, cannot be subverted / Undone.)
Note ---> This line is similar to the Japji Saheb's line written in the start of this article.

While the shabad was going on, Raja Harisan was thinking the same thing ---> "If everything is predefined, then whts the use of going to gurudwara ???" Suddenly he felt asleep in the court only.

While sleeping, he experienced a very wiered kinda dream. He saw himself as a small boy born to a very very poor family. That family cannot even afford food to eat ... so poor. After some time, he saw himself grownup & now he is begging (This is all happening in a dream.) Then ... some time later he sees himself getting very old & grumpy. Unable to talk, walk ... etc. Then he dies.

When he sees this, suddenly he got up (from the sleep) & felt relieved that it was just a dream.

After the samapti of GuruJi's darbar, he narreted this dream with Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Now Guru Ji is "Antaryami" (Knows everything). Guruji smiles & says that ---> "You were thinking why we come to gurugwara if we have pre-determined destiny written on our forehead. This is because ... Ur not this Janam, but future Janam de ve sins (paap) gets erased & also that gets vanished which is written on the forehead within no time."

Initially Raja didn't understood, but then Guruji said ---> "Tere bhaag vich ek bhikari da janam ve likhaya se, jo ke tu kuch pal wich kaat leya. (Your destiny had 1 begger's Janam written which u covered within few minutes)"

Raja Harisan understood the whole thing & started weeping. He asked forgiveness frm GuruJi for having this kinda thought in his mind & Guruji Blessed Him.

So mere Gurmukh saathiyo ... Never think in contrast with pre-ordaned command of the guruji. Have full faith on him & Enjoy life ...

Bhul Chuk Maaf ...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waherguru ji ke fateh.

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