Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Trying to solve age old Q of HOW ???

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.

I was waiting a longgggg to write this article ... finally its here .... lol :)

OK, just imagine u r doing ur Paath / Kirtan / Jap Naam ...

Ek Ong kaar
Karta purakh
Akaal Moorat
Gur Prasad

Aad sach
Jugad Sach
Hai Bhi Saach
Nanak Hosi bhi saach |1|

Sooche sooch na hovae je sooche lakh vaar
Chuppey chup na hovey je lahe raha livtaar
Pukhiyaa pukh na uttari je banna puriya paar ...... & so on .... then suddenly ur mind diverts to other things like ...

Kaal meinu bahut phuk laggi se, (Yesterday I was very hungry ...) coz of the word 'phukiya pukh na utari'
Fher mein ek burger khaaya (then i ate a burger)
Paise khaat pe gaye se (I wasent having enough money)
Birlas Ambinis kol kinna paise he ga va (Birla's & Ambanis have lots of money)
Mein ve pahut paisa kamunga (I'll also earn a lot of money)
Fer mere kol cars, bunglows hoyenge (then I'll have lots of cars & bunglows) .... & so on ... lol I know its funny to read, but I am sure many have experienced the same ...

Ur thinking makes u wild / crazy until u remember that u r in the 5th pauri of the paath. Wow, what a loss. :(

Many so called sajes, saints, saadhus & other baba's gives lots of tips & tricks on how to restrict ur mind frm diverting. Believe me, statistically there are more than 95 % of the total population with this problem. But still the big Question remains of ----> "HOW TO ACHIEVE SALVATION & PREVENT OUR MIND FROM DIVERTING ???"

The main cause is our attachment to maya (worldly things like money, girls / boys, cars, etc.)

Once u control ur mind, U'v controlled the whole world. Then no matter wht, u r as solid as rock.

But i know its very difficult to achieve the same.

Like its there in gurbani ...

Gur bin gyaan na hoye (Without the true guru, u wont get any knowledge)
gi-aan na galee-ee dhoodhee-ai kathnaa karrhaa saar.
(Wisdom cannot be found through mere words. To explain it is as hard as iron.)
karam milai taa paa-ee-ai hor hikmat hukam khu-aar. ||2||
(When the Lord bestows His Grace, then alone it is received; other tricks and orders are useless)

So, if waheguru ji wanted to, then only can u achieve that state.

But it dosent mean that u should wait for him to act. God helps those who helps themselves. If u take 1 step towards guruji, he will take 1000 steps towards u.

Here is a small help frm guru ka daas to avoid this situation. I'm listing top 3 things, starting from the least priority ...

3) Do yoga / mediation so that u can focus easily on 1 point.
Advantage : Helps a lot if u follow completely
Disadvantage : # U might be more stressed than before yoga / mediation.
# You might have to be away from ur home to do the same like some classes of some baba ... lol
# Takes time to master

2) When u know the meanings of the paath / kirtan, the mind automatically stops diverting & concentrate on the same. Coz when meanings are knows, the mind will think & ponder upon that only.

Advantage : Is truly working (Atleast in my case) coz then only you can understand & can think & ponder upon the divine knowledge. Else without that understanding & attraction towards the baani, reciting it would not make much difference.

Disadvantage : U need to spend time before hand to learn the meanings of the same. Also 1 gud idea is that u listen to the shabad / paath / kirtan, & read the same meanings concurrently on the PC or on hard copies. (I prefer hard copy since i can take it with me anywhere i go). You will get almost all the baanis here which are with english translations.

3) (This 1 is out of my personal experience ... )
Whenever u start reading / reciting ur baanis / kirtan, think that the breath u r taking at the movement is the last breath of ur life. After this breath, I am gonna die .... When this feeling comes to ur mind, then automatically mind is controlled.

What ??? Scared of death ??? My dear, death is the ONLY TRUTH in once life. Coz after death only can u achieve salvation & can get rid of the 84 lakh joons (If u have done really wht waheguruji wanted u to do).

nadar karahi jay aapnee taa nadree satgur paa-i-aa.
(If the Merciful Lord shows His Mercy, then the True Guru is found. )

ayhu jee-o bahutay janam bharammi-aa taa satgur sabad sunaa-i-aa.
(This soul wandered through countless incarnations, until the True Guru instructed it in the Word of the Shabad.)

satgur jayvad daataa ko nahee sabh suni-ahu lok sabaa-i-aa.
(There is no giver as great as the True Guru; hear this, all you people)

satgur mili-ai sach paa-i-aa jinHee vichahu aap gavaa-i-aa.
(Meeting the True Guru, the True Lord is found; He removes self-conceit from within)

jin sacho sach bujhaa-i-aa. ||4||
(and instructs us in the Truth of Truths. ||4|| )

Remember this small thing in ur mind, & enjoy under the divine light of waheguru ji.

Thats it from my side.

PS. If any suggestions, additions, errors in this article is found, please don't hesitate to take the pain of stating the same in comments.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh.


Anonymous said...

Lovely comment veerji ... :)

Darshpreet said...

marvellous :)

Khalsa !!! said...

wow, does it works ??? Coz i too have the same problem, infact many has the same. Hey wait, almost all suffers from the same ... lol

Well, gotta check it out myself ... Thks for this post. :)

Manpreet said...

i m very very Impressed. we need people like u. good keep it up!
waheguru rakha!

kk said...

Thanks Daljit,

From Karan

Manpreet Singh said...

Yoga tires body but meditation doesn't. Since olden times gursikhs have been recommending jaap of mool mantar for atleast 15 minutes before doing nitnem to enhance concentration. and it works

Rajkarn said...

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh..
Awesome work veerji, it's worth appreciating. It's true that nearly 95% of people have the same problem and perhaps I'll be on top of that list :D
It is a bit of hard work initially, but it has wonderful rewards kept for us if we attain that stage of concentration and oneness. I'd be working on ur advice & try my best to achieve it. :)
Rajkarn Singh