Thursday, January 11, 2007


Je Na Hunde Guru Gobin Singh Ji...
(if Guru Gobind Singh Ji was not there)

Je na hunde Guru Gobid Singh ji, hind viran hona c ,
(then Hindustan would have been deserted)

Pher sara HINDUSTAN musalman hona c ,
(Hindustan would not have been hindustan but full of muslims )

Pher mandran de vich padhde kuran hona c ,
( Mandirs would be converted to mosques and Quran would have been read there )

Na koi hindu hona c ,na koi hindu'a da hi naam hona c...
( there would have been no Hindus or their Name)

Tusi aven hi SARDAARA da mazak udaunde ho,
(you people make fun of Sardars )

Ehna ton bina na tuhada koi NISHAN hona c...
(but without these sardars, Hindus wouldnt have survived)

This poem is in reference to, the fights fought by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and other Sikh Warriors to Protect the Hindus from Muslims. Muslims were forcfully converting Hindus to Muslims and Sikhs turned to their protection and fought against the Muslims.

It also references to the fun Hindus make about Sardars.
Hindus often address sardars and trease them with "sardar ke 12 baj gaye"

the main story behind this is that ... to protect Hindus from the muslim regime and from forceful conversion to Muslims, Sikh warriors use to attack Muslim camps at midnight (when the muslim leaders were drunk and asleep). Muslims had appointed gaurds to notify and sound an alarm when the attacks were made. These gaurds would shout out loud to awaken the muslim leader and warriors. it was these muslim gaurds who shouted "12 baj gaye, sardaron ke bara baj gaye" in terror that their death was near. They shouted to gather ther army to fight. the shouted for their lives.

So before making a funny comment again to a sikh, hindus should think twice. They should feel ashamed if they make such comments for a commuinity and religion who gave their lives to protect their religion, their families.

Bhul Chuk Maaf.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ke Fateh.

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