Thursday, January 11, 2007

Real story - Sarvottam Devta (Sakhi - 2)

This is a story of Dome Gaon-Kamalpur,on bank of Godavari River,14 kms away from Sri Ramput Kasba of Ahmednagar Zilla,Maharashtra. This village is inhabited by Hindus ,Muslims ,Bodhis.They worship a holy Granth as 'Sarvottam Devta', This article has been taken from November monthly magazine issue of Sis Ganj Sahib.This article was also published on 16-6-94 in Marathi patrika 'Hind Mashal'.

Actually around 150 yrs back a sikh sanyasi came to this village. He had a Holy Granth and prayed the same, day and night. One day flood came to the same village. The Sanyasi ji took the Holy Granth on his head and stood in the river. The water level fell down as soon as the river touched the Holy Granth. After that whenever the flood used to come, Sanyasi ji did the same to save the village. After Sanyasi ji's death the Holy Granth was kept in a Jhoola.The flood was about to engulf the village but as soon as the water touched the Jhoola, flood level went down and village was saved. Later on some other baba ji used to take care of Holy Granth and take the Holy Granth on his head and stand in river in flood situations.

Soon the villagers used to worship this holy granth as Sarvottam devta.One day a sikh came to this village. When he was shown this holy granth he said...This is Hast Likhit (hand Written) Jugo Jug Atal Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji!!! Later on when sikhs came to know they tried to take the Guru Sahib to nearby Gurdwara but villagers did noot agree because Guru Ji saved them number of times from flood! But sikhs kitthe rukan wale san. They tried to take Guru Ji in a car at Night but Guru Sahib taan sab de sanjhe hun irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion. The car did not start the whole night.So they could not take Guru Sahib along. Later on a Gurdwara was established there by name 'Gurdwara Sri Bridh Sahib Ji'.Incase someone wants to go there,Check out with Ahmednagar/Sri Rampur.

Bhuk chuk maaf

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

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